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We are very excited to announce the opening of Olive Tree EduCentre (OTEC) at 1 Goldhill Plaza. 03-27,  extending educational therapy and special education programs and remediation to children with learning difficulties. This marks another important milestone in the history of the Olive Tree Healthcare Group established 16 yrs ago. We invite you to visit our Open House on 14 & 21 March 2015.

olive tree_gymTogether with Olive Tree Development Center (OTDC), we have a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to support families of special needs children including the support of Pediatricians from Olive Tree Baby & Kids Clinic.

What spurred us to build this team? In 2011 we conducted many interviews and realized resource and facilities were constrained to meet pressing demands for early intervention. This was a call to action to make a small difference. A key focus in 2015 is to extend our Early Intervention Program (EIP) to provide small group Structured Teaching for preschoolers and extend Educational Therapy for those with learning difficulties.. All our programs are accredited by MSF (Ministry of Social & Family Development) and eligble for CDA/Baby Bonus.

We welcome you to visit anytime for a chat. We envision this center to be a rallying point for families who need assistance.

Chiu Loo Kwong

Latest Updates and New Programs

ANNOUNCEMENT:  OLIVE TREE EDUCENTRE OPEN HOUSE - Sat 14 & 21 March 10am-4pm. We warmly invite you to visit and join us for a series of talks (FREE) on Intervention by our team 

14 March Talks  

10.30 -11.30 am School Readiness  Is my child ready ? Early Identification and Intervention  – Adeline Chin Snr Educational Psychologist, MA SpEd(Aust)

11.45am-12.45pm.  Effective Strategies & Overview of  Early Intervention Program - Tracy Tai Director, Special Education, M.A SpEd (UK) 

1–2pm :Overview of Speech and Language Impairment – Joyce Tan  Director, Speech Therapy, M.Sc SLP

21 March Talks

10.30-11.30amThe Role of Phonics for Early Reading Ann Devadas  nee Metcalf , SnrEducational Therapist

11.45am–12.45pm: Overview of  Occupational Therapy and  Strategies for supporting children with Sensory issues – Titus Lim  Director, Occupational Therapy. M.Sc OT (UK)

1.30-2.30pm: Music Therapy Experiential Workshop -  Chen Hsieh Lien Music Therapist  MA MT-BC (US)

Free Consultation/Screening with our Educational, Occupational or Speech Therapist  when you visit and sign up at our Open House  (for new students only) Free  Art Experiential for children by Rachna Art Educator, Art Recess (30 min session between 11am to 1pm) Call 62525200 to register for the Free Talks.  Location : 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-27. 

New Website www.olive-tree.sg/educentre 

Next Parents Info Nite Thurs 17 April 7-9pm .

Extended Sunday Clinics Now Open  : SUNDAY sessions for OT , ST and MT available ! 

Team Updates - We extend a warm welcome to Titus Lim, M.Sc (OT) UK as Director, Occupational Therapy. Titus will head and lead the OT team to provide clinical supervision and client support. We also welcome Ann Devadas nee Metcalf ,  BA SpEd (UK) as Senior Educational Therapist to lead the learning support, literacy, reading and language program at Olive Tree EduCentre. 

FREE AUTISM 100-day Kit - For families who have a child newly diagnosed with Autism we have a 100 Day Kit on critical information including intervention approaches. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free softcopy (66 pages)

Olive Tree Baby & Kids Clinic Website www.olivetreedoc.com with Daily Feeds from Dr Tan Siew Pin & Sean Chiu. Tel 67386488

Mothers Support Group meets every 1st and 3rd Tue of the month (1-2pm).  Come meet Dr Tan Siew Pin and other mums who have walked this journey to be encouraged. Contact Florence How at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

* ABA / Verbal Behavior AVAILABLE NOW  Hybrid OT and behavioral therapy approach for children with Behavioural and Sensory Issues. Recommended under MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines for children with Autism.  ABA/VB sessions are typically 2 or 3 hours, although for young children 1 hour may be appropriate initially.Videoclip overview of ABA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyCx-OLzgJw 

* NEW Social Thinking and Skills weekly Mon 5-6pm, Wed 5-6pm, Thur 5-6pm, Sat 5-6pm, Sun 2-3pm for children 3-7 yrs Led by Occupational Therapist.

Educational Therapy, School Readiness Programs caters for older preschool and primary school children struggling with acaedmics. Unlike tution, this program targets and builds fundamental skills at your child's level necessary for academic success. Consisting Phonologocal remediation, Working Memory remediation, Mathematics remediation, Literacy remediation and/or Exam Readiness remediation, it is specially tailored to meet unique needs of the child. An assessment will be done to determine the needs and teaching approach suitable and the type of remediation. 


Events and News

16 May 2014 was a pilot launch of our Sunday Project where were provided  Free OT, ST and Educational Therapy to Tanglin/Cainhill WELL Learning Center in Henderson Blk 93 to children of poor families with learning difficulties. Blk 93 and vicinity are 1 room HDB rental flats with low income families and children undergoing free tution provided by Merdaki. We assessed the children and provided a treatment plan for 1-1 therapy at OTDC as well as potential support for the teachers and parents. Hidden communities like Blk 93 struggle to make ends meet and parents have little or no resources to support their kids who tend to fail their exams and if not supported are likely to drop of of school.

ADHD Workshops "Understanding and Supporting Your AD/HD Child/Teen at Home and at School" In Aug & Sept,  KathyNichols, Founder of F.O.C.U.S. Hong Kong  (Focus On Children's Understanding in School) shared about AD/HD, provided an over-view of AD/HD and the conditions that often co-exist with AD/HD such as SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities - dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia), Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and the underlying issues of Executive Functioning.  She shared about  her experiences as a classroom teacher as well as a parent of four children, university graduates who carry/carried the AD/HD diagnosis. Parents have found the discussions interactive and of practical help.

5 kids_olive_tree

KOREA organised a Special Music & Arts Festival (6-10 Aug) in PyeongChang as followup to the Special Olympics World Winter Games held there earlier this year. Due to our focus on MT, DMT and AT, OTDC nomination of 2 special children was accepted . Serena Lo, our resident Music Intervention Trainer was also sponsored to attend the 5 day event which is like the Aspen Music Festival focused on Special Needs. check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVF4vuS-Mwg Serena shared that the conference was world-class with over 150 SN participants taught by some of the best Musicians in the world who flew into Korea . Xin En, 12 yrs old, represemting Singapore,  was selected to play the piano at the closing ceremony. The event was graced by the Korean Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers. Should Singapore host an event like this in years ahead ? 

Patricia Oetter MA OTR/L FAOTA had overwhelming response at her recent Sensory Integration workshop on Sensory Integration - a Framework for Regulation of Behaviour, Learning, Memory, Communication and Social Interaction.  Patricia is a well known OT consultant & expert in Sensory Integration and authored the MORE program that helps  SLT and OT in Oral Motor, Speech Development and Sensory Integration issues.  Workshop highlights include a indepth understanding of SI to create meaningful adative or motor responses. We had over 60 participants including 20+ parents and 40+ Speech and Occupational Therapist. She spoke to the heart of parents and therapist from her 40+ year of experience in sensory integration. Patricia will be back in Singapore in Nov 2013 to hold another workshop and clinics for parents.  

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OTDC partners Knowledge Universe to train 50 principals & teachers from Pat's SchoolHouse, Learning Vision, Odyssey, Brighton Montesori.  June 8 & 9 - OTDC conducted special education seminars to help teachers understand children with disabilities such as ASD, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome and how to screen, build inclusive classroom environments and help in early intervention. We honor the significant role teachers play in our children's lives.



Discovery Program

sample2Discovery Program comprises of  Discovery Learners program and Discovery Music program. These programs  help children with learning, behavioural challenges through multisensory activities. The programs incorporates music, speech and drama, story telling, phonics, social activities in a structured, small group or individual setting. It focuses on the ability of the child to enage, self-regulate and communicate within a social setting.

Adaptive Music offers children with special needs the opportunity to experience the joys of music making while learning to play the piano and percussion instruments. Musc Intervention applys the research and principles of evidence-based music reseach to address developmental skills such as attention holding, cognitive, social, speech and motor skills.  

Community Support

It is apparent that the journey of a special needs child is challenging, with parents often feeling a greater pain than the child at times. It is to this end that we find it critical for parents to have a 360 degree view of the progressive assessments and interventions by clinicians, teachers, caregivers. OTDC Team will meet weekly to discuss your child's development and work in partnership with you closely in the intervention approach.

sampleIn addition, OTDC cannot do this alone but we are priviledged to be connected to community networks of volunteers, parents and professionals who have walked the journey to share their experience and stories, encourgage and even provide practical support. A good example is FIN (Family Inclusion Network), setup since September 2011,  with over 60 volunteers & families with special needs children in their monthly meetings. Contact us and we can link you up.

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